Soundtrack of My Life – Part 2

A few years ago, before my divorce, I wrote My Life as a Song – Part One. It was part of a writing challenge I was doing with a friend, and it was to write something autobiographical. I made a youtube playlist and everything. It was over on my personal blog that I never post to anymore, but I got this idea that I would do a Tuesday Ten in the same kind of vein, only this time, not only will it be more than ten, but I’m going to use some of the songs that I write to. Songs that have influenced plot points, characters, entire stories. Sometimes even series. I hope you enjoy them. I have made a youtube playlist as well, and included the link, because not all of the songs were on Spotify, I checked.

So, without further ado, I give you, in no particular order, The Soundtrack of My Life – Part Two.

Trenches by Beth Crowley – This song is amazing and actually inspired a few characters actually. Not that it does much of that now, but originally it inspired some of the stuff that happened in the Dohmnall series with a certain character. Now that I’ve changed that story though, it’s a little different, and it no longer applies. Though, it did inspire some of my fanfic. I have an entire series of Fanfic that should be getting written this year and published on AO3 that literally takes it’s name from the title of this song. I’ve already written a couple of the shorts that go with this series, one is posted but the other comes at the end, so it’s not.

Bluebird by Elizabeth Smart – This song is where I got Penelope’s nickname in The Bluebird. Chronicles. I know it’s originally a Destiel song, but the lyrics apply to Reid and Penelope so well. It’s my favorite thing and I love it.

Yes I Will by Backstreet Boys – I have talked about this song before. It’s the song that inspired the title of No Ordinary Love. There’s one line in the song that goes “This is no ordinary love, and I could never have enough….” I wrote the original fanfic that No Ordinary Love is based off of on paper. It was two full five subject notebooks by the time I threw it away before I left for the Navy. I used to hide in my room and write and listen to music. Because of that, I would scribble song lyrics in the margins while I thought through the next part I was writing. I noticed one day going back through the notebook that the same three words were written on almost every single page somewhere. So, naturally I titled the story that.

Please by Bette & Evermore by Dan Stevens – I have paired these two songs for a reason. If you have never listened to these songs, I challenge you to listen to them back to back. Please and then Evermore. Do it. It sounds like two people in a relationship who want the same thing, but because of shitty communication skills, they lose it. I had both of these songs on my playlist that I listened to a lot back in 2020 and one day while I walked home from work, they played back to back and I had to go back and listen again. And then again. This sparked an idea, which became the entire basis for Hold On, an Avengers Fanfic that I wrote, and published in 2020. It was my therapy after my dad died, all because of these two songs. It’s amazing the power of music.

Humbling River by Puscifer – This song was one of the original songs that inspired The Dohmnall Institute series, back when it was called Halls of Ivy. Back when it was a baby idea. Back when I was writing it alone. It doesn’t apply as much now, but it’s still on every playlist I make for that series. Every. Single. One. because I want to remember the excitement of when we first started, and why we came up with the idea in the first place.

Leave your Lover by Sam Smith – Originally, this was the song that was playing when Reid and Penelope first sleep together. In the original version, before the rewrites, before Noah became a background character, she was dating Noah at the time, and this song was EXACTLY how Reid felt. He wanted her to leave Noah for him, though he’d never actually ask that of her because he wasn’t sure he could trust his own emotions. He had never felt anything like this before.

How Did I Fall In Love With You by Backstreet Boys – Dohmnall Institute/Metanoia Chronicles and No Ordinary Love. This song is about falling in love with your best friend. It’s interesting the way that kind of happens, not just in writing but in real life as well. I love it and it fits so well with the characters that I’ve assigned it to and their eventual journey.

Castle by Halsey – Reid and Penelope. That’s it. It makes me think of them. It’s the song that’s playing when Reid and Penelope kiss for the first time.

Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton – Also a Reid and Penelope song that’s important in the third book for reasons. I can’t tell you now, but when you read it, you’ll know. That’s the song that plays.

Sacred Heart by The Civil Wars – In the original fanfic version of It Could Be Monsters, this is the song that Tess sings to Tucker. You don’t get lyrics in the new version, but this is still the song. When you get to meet these characters, and you understand their journey, I hope you enjoy it. The songs in French too, so there’s that. I absolutely love it.

The Rest of Our Life by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – Basher. This is 100% an Asher and Bailey wedding song. That’s it. If I had to pick a single song to describe their life together, it would be this on.

Things we lost in the fire by Bastille – This is a song for Black Balloon. I think that it helps me remember the pain and the healing journey that Hadley (the FMC) is on.

Careless Whisper by Seether – Also a Black Balloon song. No explanation needed really.

I hate u, I love u by Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien – This song is 100% Mason and Ember from No Ordinary Love. I cannot imagine any other couple in all of what I write that it fits so well, besides maybe one other couple, but I refuse to tell you about them yet.

Okay, we’re going to end it there. I know that it’s only 15 songs, but if I don’t stop there, I will go on forever. There are others that I absolutely love, and I do post a weekly playlist, but unfortunately those are just some of the songs I’ve listened to in the last week. I have posted the playlist above, so enjoy that and I will see you guys tomorrow. As always my loves, drink your water, be safe, make good choices, and don’t eat yellow snow!

Tuesday Ten – Happiest Moments

Today I will be listing off ten of my happiest moments in my 37 years of life. There were a lot to choose from but this list is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

Ten of my happiest moments, in no particular order.

  1. November 29, 2004; 4:05 pm – My eldest daughter was born in Naples Italy.
  2. February 23, 2008, 7:15 pm – My son was born, finally after a month of false alarms.
  3. The first day my younger two claimed children came to stay with us, I woke up early to check on the other children, since they hadn’t arrived at 2 am and I heard my eldest claimed daughter explain to them that I was ‘Mom’ and they were to call me as such. Though I very quickly disabused them of that notion, they have NEVER been required to call me mom though most of them do now. It made my heart swell so much in that moment. It’s one of the best memories I have.
  4. The day I raised my right hand and took an oath of enlistment.
  5. In that same vein, the day I swapped out my Recruit ball cap for a Navy ball cap. Good day.
  6. The day in my childhood where we hiked across the Sleeping Bear Dunes all the way to Lake Michigan. I loved it.
  7. Every single Annual Hill House End of Summer Bash. It was a fantastic time. Loved it.
  8. The day my youngest niece was born and my brother handed her to me before my mother. The only grandchild she didn’t hold first after the parents. Love that little bug. She’s absolutely obsessed with me now and I love it. Though, I am quite fond of all of my nieces and nephews, and most of them love me the same as I love them. Like, my eldest nephew gives the best hugs, despite the fact that he’s an adult now. Bet you didn’t know that.
  9. March 2, 2021; The day my grandson was born.
  10. Hogwarts. At Universal Studios in Orlando on my honeymoon. It was the highlight of the trip and I absolutely loved it. My favorite part was Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom and while I have no desire to give the unnamed author of Harry Potter any more of my money than I already have, at the time it was an amazing experience.

That’s all for today my loves. Ten of my happiest moments. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday my dears. Drink your water, be safe, make good choices, and don’t eat yellow snow!

Tuesday Ten – Favorite Fictional Character

So today I’m going to show you my favorite fictional characters. Except you’re getting two lists. One of fictional characters that I didn’t create, and one of characters that I have, whether you know them yet or not! Please remember that these lists are not in any kind of order other than the order I thought of them, because Kenzo is my book husband and you can never change my mind. Matter of fact, Rowan is half of my #1 OTP, and I will go down with that ship, and I’m in control of it. Enjoy!

Favorite Fictional Characters
(That I didn’t create)

1. Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
2. Atreyu – The Neverending Story
3. Dean Winchester – Supernatural
4. James Alexander Malcom Makenzie Fraser – Outlander Series Diana Gabaldon
5. Violet Crawley – Downton Abbey
6. Eric Northman – Southern Vampire Series Charlaine Harris
7. Queen Clarisse Renaldi (movie version portrayed by Dame Julie Andrews) – Princess Diaries
8. Dread Pirate Roberts – The Princess Bride William Goldman
9. MCU Thor – Stan Lee
10. Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn – The Shadowhunter Chronicles Cassandra Clare

Favorite Fictional Characters
(That I DID create)

1. Reid Walker – The Bluebird Chronicles Amber Marie
2. Asher Jameson – The Bluebird Chronicles Amber Marie
3. Mason Runyon – No Ordinary Love Ellie Harper Roe
4. Tucker Clark – It Could Be Monsters Ellie Harper Roe
5. Ethan Arden – Black Balloon Ellie Harper Roe
6. Bailey Stills-Parker – The Bluebird Chronicles Amber Marie
7. Kenzo Camden – The Bluebird Chronicles/Dohmnall Institute Amber Marie
8. Keita Hayes – Dohmnall Institute Amber Marie
9. Rowan Alderton – Dohmnall Institute Amber Marie
10. Winter Reynolds – The Lost Arkane Amber Marie

Like I said, some of these characters I’ve mentioned, some I haven’t yet. There are more. I could make a list of at least twenty of my own if I tried hard enough to cut the list down. I love my characters, I try really hard to make them as relatable as I can and hopefully as you get to know them all and the books all start coming out, you’ll get to know them and love them too. I can’t wait for that. I dream about the arguments and the love triangles, and the who the fans will love more. It’s a past time. Then again, I could be wrong and no one will care, but I doubt it.

That’s it for me today. Tell me who your favorite characters are in the comments. It doesn’t have to be ten or anything, just as many as you’d like to tell me about. Love you guys! As always, be safe, drink your water, make good choices, and don’t eat yellow snow.