Penelope Sawyer, still reeling from the death of her brother, decides that a vacation is just what she needs before she completes her internship and graduates college. Ryan Meade is a well-known actor based in London whose best friend is his bodyguard. When the two meet at an airport, our main character, Penelope, doesn’t anticipate all of the ways in which her life will be forever changed. When Ryan whisks Penelope away to see her best friend, Bailey, as a surprise, neither have any idea that they’ve inadvertently immersed themselves in a world where an Arkane war is presently taking place. The vampires that Penelope meets along the way will have a substantial effect on her life, altering it in unimaginable ways. She reconnects with old friends, makes some new ones, and starts to wonder if the life she’d planned and the dreams she’d had aligned with her current reality. Can she still finish school and become an interior designer? Does she even want to after the sharp turn her life has taken? Most importantly, what will happen if her worlds collide?

No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love tells the story of Ember and her best friend Mason. They’ve been together through thick and thin. What happens when Ember falls for one of Mason’s friends the same time as Mason realizes he’s in love with her? A bad argument between the two of them makes them evaluate everything they thought they knew. What about the love they’d thought they found elsewhere? What happens when their feelings get too big to be ignored? Can they make it through or are they doomed to be estranged for the rest of their lives?

Hold On

Hold On is a ShieldShock fanfiction that follows Darcy Lewis and her relationship with Steve Rogers. While their friend’s lives seem to be getting better, why does theirs seem like it’s falling apart? What about those closest to them, will they be forced to choose sides or can they help Steve and Darcy get out of their own way and actually communicate?

It Could Be Monsters

It Could Be Monsters tells the story of Tessa Graham and her life after a messy divorce. When Tucker Clark shows up unexpectedly on her doorstep after ten years of radio silence, how will she handle the reunion with not only her old friends, but the man she thought she’d spend her life with? Can Tucker renew her faith in love and in him? Or will they self destruct before they even get the chance to find out?