The Bluebird Chronicles – Book 1:
Blood Song

Love doesn’t make the world go round.

Reid doesn’t do love, especially not with humans. He has a daughter he adores, a job he loves, and a life that makes him finally feel worthy of his title. Being ordered to babysit the human he can’t stop thinking about isn’t on his to-do list. Until an ultimatum from his Maker forces him to make an impossible choice: his daughter’s life or the relationship with his Flame.

Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Penelope doesn’t have time for anything outside the job she hates, and her freelance editing business she’s attempting to get off the ground. Finding her Twin Flame in the form of her annoyingly handsome, and completely unnecessary, vampire bodyguard was not part of the plan. All she wanted was a weekend away from the stress with her best friend. Now she’s trying to juggle both of her jobs and a lover that’s hiding something. Without the truth, she’s unsure what the future holds.

The Bluebird Chronicles – Book 2:
Midnight Shadows

One Crow for Sorrow.

Savini is dead, Penelope’s in Paris, and Noah is with her. Struggling to keep his distance from his Flame, even when she’s begging him for something different, and navigating a newly declared war with Akina, Reid is overwhelmed. To top it off there’s Best Man duties to perform and a family member he never expected to see again. Fighting to understand Penelope’s often out of character behavior and to reconnect with a brother he thought was lost, how can he keep Penelope safe when even Vampire House turns into a place of nightmares?

A Bluebird for Hope.

Penelope is trying to live her life without Reid. But there’s her best friend’s wedding to plan, and she clearly can’t be alone. The black holes in her memory are something she should probably mention to someone, but there isn’t enough time between dress fittings and being crowned as an official member of the Arkane Royal Family. Her heart wants Reid back, but he’s made it clear he needs to end this newly declared war first.

Hold On

Darcy Lewis has been dating Steve Rogers for nine months. She loves working with Jane, has managed to become best friends with Natasha Romanov, and she gets along with everyone. Everything is absolutely perfect, until Steve starts talking in his sleep. As soon as she thinks she has that figured out, everything that can go wrong, does.

Steve Rogers has gotten lucky. After finding Bucky and bringing him home, he didn’t think his life could get any better. Then he met Darcy and everything changed. He loves her with everything he has, but she’s taking her time with that. When she starts acting weird, he gives everything trying to figure out what’s wrong, though she won’t tell him.

While in DC for meetings Darcy goes missing and he isn’t there to rescue her. By the time he makes it back to New York, Darcy is back, and the bad guys are dealt with; there isn’t much left for him to do. In his desire to help her, they end up destroying everything. Though they try, they aren’t quite sure they’ll get it back. Especially when they can’t be in a room together without arguing. How are they supposed to fix this on their own?

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