So today I’m going to show you my favorite fictional characters. Except you’re getting two lists. One of fictional characters that I didn’t create, and one of characters that I have, whether you know them yet or not! Please remember that these lists are not in any kind of order other than the order I thought of them, because Kenzo is my book husband and you can never change my mind. Matter of fact, Rowan is half of my #1 OTP, and I will go down with that ship, and I’m in control of it. Enjoy!

Favorite Fictional Characters
(That I didn’t create)

1. Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
2. Atreyu – The Neverending Story
3. Dean Winchester – Supernatural
4. James Alexander Malcom Makenzie Fraser – Outlander Series Diana Gabaldon
5. Violet Crawley – Downton Abbey
6. Eric Northman – Southern Vampire Series Charlaine Harris
7. Queen Clarisse Renaldi (movie version portrayed by Dame Julie Andrews) – Princess Diaries
8. Dread Pirate Roberts – The Princess Bride William Goldman
9. MCU Thor – Stan Lee
10. Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn – The Shadowhunter Chronicles Cassandra Clare

Favorite Fictional Characters
(That I DID create)

1. Reid Walker – The Bluebird Chronicles Amber Marie
2. Asher Jameson – The Bluebird Chronicles Amber Marie
3. Mason Runyon – No Ordinary Love Ellie Harper Roe
4. Tucker Clark – It Could Be Monsters Ellie Harper Roe
5. Ethan Arden – Black Balloon Ellie Harper Roe
6. Bailey Stills-Parker – The Bluebird Chronicles Amber Marie
7. Kenzo Camden – The Bluebird Chronicles/Dohmnall Institute Amber Marie
8. Keita Hayes – Dohmnall Institute Amber Marie
9. Rowan Alderton – Dohmnall Institute Amber Marie
10. Winter Reynolds – The Lost Arkane Amber Marie

Like I said, some of these characters I’ve mentioned, some I haven’t yet. There are more. I could make a list of at least twenty of my own if I tried hard enough to cut the list down. I love my characters, I try really hard to make them as relatable as I can and hopefully as you get to know them all and the books all start coming out, you’ll get to know them and love them too. I can’t wait for that. I dream about the arguments and the love triangles, and the who the fans will love more. It’s a past time. Then again, I could be wrong and no one will care, but I doubt it.

That’s it for me today. Tell me who your favorite characters are in the comments. It doesn’t have to be ten or anything, just as many as you’d like to tell me about. Love you guys! As always, be safe, drink your water, make good choices, and don’t eat yellow snow.

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