Character Preview – Natalia Patterson

Today’s Character preview is on Lia Patterson, Mason’s girlfriend at the beginning of No Ordinary Love. Read on to learn more about her.

Natalia Dawn “Lia” Patterson is the only child. Her dad has a lot of money and she grew up very used to the rich girl lifestyle in Orlando Florida. She started dating Mason because he was the “bad boy” of Between Sundays. He had the money to keep her in the lifestyle she was accustomed to, and liked to party, which was perfect for what she wanted. She’s part of the local modeling scene and a social media influencer that likes to talk about the rich lifestyle. Mason is kind of a feather in her cap.

When he goes to rehab and tries to change his life, Lia doesn’t understand why her life must also change. She gets that his might, but she doesn’t want to sit at home all the time, she prefers to be out and about. She isn’t real fond of Ember, and it’s a point of contention for her and Mason that he’s still very good friends with her. When Lia moved in with Mason, she threw a huge fit about Ember having her own bedroom in Mason’s house. They argued about it constantly, but Mason never wavered and eventually Ember was allowed to keep her bedroom there, though it’s hardly ever used now.

Lia has a group of friends that she’s really close to. They’re other rich girls like herself, and she’s known most of them since boarding school. Though they seem superficial on the surface, they are all actually good friends. When Mason gets sober, they actively encourage Lia to curb her own partying ways for a little while until Mason is more comfortable, though Lia doesn’t take the advice her friends give her.

While she attends Between Sundays get togethers, she isn’t fond of them either, preferring the company of her own friends, though they are never invited, despite her repeated requests for them to be. The guys aren’t stupid, and they don’t want the kind of attention around them when they hang out in their homes.

There isn’t much about Lia, unfortunately, she’s got a halfway decent backstory, and after she exits the No Ordinary Love manuscript, she does continue on doing what she’s been doing. She uses the breakup with Mason to gain sympathy on her blog and her other social media, and Mason doesn’t bother to put a stop to it, preferring to leave all thoughts of her in the past. Lia plays a small but significant to Mason, part in this book and while she’s not as well developed as I usually prefer my secondary characters to be, she is developed enough for this. I have no idea how she and Mason met, other than it was at a party. I’m not sure why they’ve been together more than two years when their personalities do sometimes clash, other than Mason loves her, and when it’s just the two of them, she is very sweet and does genuinely care for him. She does love him, in her own way. I think it mostly comes down to the way she views the people she loves, which is sort of distant, and the way he does, which is very close and tight-knit. Their upbringings were so different that she doesn’t see an issue in her and Mason’s relationship and the way they operate because it’s very much like her parents; together but having very separate lives. This isn’t what Mason wants though, even though he does love her, he thought maybe they’d find a balance that suited them, though they never quite did.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Sorry it isn’t too much, but it is what it is I guess. Hope you at least enjoyed this much of what I’ve got figured out for Lia. She’s kind of an antagonistic type personality on the page, though she isn’t always like that. Anyway, have a wonderful day my friends. Happy new year!

As always, Be safe, make good choices, and don’t eat yellow snow!

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