It’s Monday! As you may have noticed, Character Profiles have moved to Monday’s and Settings will now be on Friday. I don’t have a good reason for the switch other than I was almost done with my schedule for the month before I noticed I had done it. Oh well, we shall adjust accordingly.

This lovely Monday, we are going to talk about Mason Runyon. He’s the main male character in No Ordinary Love. I’m not gonna lie, he was barely more than two dimensional when I went back and read the first draft of No Ordinary Love, and that made me really sad. So I’ve been thinking a lot about him as a character. I knew who he was, but it didn’t come through in the writing so well. I’m still in the process of editing the first draft and working on the second draft, but I’m already much happier with Mason’s character development. So, without further ado, let’s get to talking about the man of the hour shall we?

Mason James Runyon is the only child of Levi and Sarah Runyon and grew up in Florida. His parents still live in his childhood home and have a happy family life. They didn’t have much money when he was coming up, but he’s more than made up for it. He enjoys being able to take care of his parents and some of his extended family.

He joined Between Sundays when he was sixteen, and has been working hard ever since. He plays piano and guitar and occasionally dabbles in songwriting thought he doesn’t believe he’s that good at it. If he ever quit the music industry, he isn’t sure what he would do with his life, but knows he’d have plenty of time to figure it out.

Eventually he’d love to get married and settle down, have a family, but he’s only 25 and isn’t really ready for that. He’s currently still in his party phase and maybe enjoys that just a bit too much. His current girlfriend of just over a year, Natalia “Lia” Patterson, and he are on the same wavelength as far as where they are in life. It isn’t until Mason starts to make some changes that they start having issues.

His best friend, Parker Anderson, is also in the band. At 24, he’s the closest in age to Mason himself and they developed a close bond quite quickly. While on the road, and at home, the two love to get together and play video games or go out and do things that they may have missed out on in high school, like putt putt golf. They’re known to be a little wild when they get together, but no one knows Mason like Parker does. Except for maybe Mason’s other best friend Ember.

Ember Kelley and Mason were classmates starting in kindergarten. They were thick as thieves growing up and ended up sharing their first kiss in the treehouse in Mason’s backyard a couple of weeks before Ember and her family moved away. They were barely thirteen at the time. Once Between Sunday’s started getting some local attention, Ember found her way back to Mason, paying to get into a meet and greet just on the off chance he’d remember her. She didn’t have much expectation when she saw him, but Mason remembered her very quickly. It didn’t take long for the two of them to return to the closeness of their former childhood friendship.

Although in the three years since they’ve been reunited the two haven’t dated or said anything about wanting to, the people closest to them wouldn’t be surprised if that eventually happened. Mason and Ember are quick to deny any feelings between them other than their close friendship, but no one else is disillusioned to their blind spot for one another. There aren’t many people that Mason would drop everything for, and Ember is one of them, and she is the same way about him.

Things kind of come to a head between Mason and Ember after she starts dating someone new. Mason, after some big lifestyle changes of his own, becomes a bit more self-aware of his actual feelings for Ember. He can finally see what everyone else has been talking about. Ember, however, remains oblivious. This leads to quite a bit of conflict for these two characters.

About a hundred bad decisions later, Mason is convinced he’s lost his best friend forever. He struggles with how to make things right and move on from there. He hopes that Ember will forgive him, and at the very least they can get their friendship back, even if it isn’t the same as it was before. He hopes that she might feel the same way for him that he does for her, but he isn’t confident enough in that thought to allow that hope to grow too much. He really just wants his best friend back so they can lounge on the couch and eat junk food while they watch a movie or play a game together.

I’m hoping with the new found information about Mason, or at least a better awareness of the lack of him that I put into the story, that the story will only be better this draft. I’m excited for it. Thanks for checking it out! Have a great day guys!

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