So this week we are doing some character profiles on the different characters from Noctivagus. I can’t draw so I can’t create their exact looks so I did faceclaims instead. If you don’t know what a faceclaim is, let me explain. A faceclaim is when you take the face of a famous person or some real life person that looks similar to what you think your character looks like in your head. I wish I could draw because I can never find anything exactly, but my stick figures cry. So here is the faceclaim that I have for Penelope, and then I’ll tell you guys a little more about her.

Penelope Jane Sawyer is the main character for Noctivagus. We meet up with her just before her internship is set to start. She’s been studying interior design in school and all she has left is the internship before she graduates. She’s managed to snag one of the few paid internships available, which she is really excited about. It has an added bonus of a continuing mentoring program that comes with it, which will be good for her after she graduates. The program is highly coveted and she is proud to be the one who received it.

She goes on vacation, planning to spend a couple of days in London by herself, and then a few days in Florence, Italy with her friend Callie Gracen. Callie is active duty Navy and they met while Penelope was still on active duty as well and have remained very good friends even after Penelope got out. While at the airport in New York, Penelope gets bumped to first class unexpectedly, and decides to wait in the first class lounge. It’s there that she meets actor Ryan Meade. The two strike up a conversation and get to know each other through a game of twenty questions. They happen to be on the same flight and when Ryan’s friend and bodyguard, Rich Cunningham, asks Penelope to switch seats with him so he can finally have some peace a quiet, her and Ryan spend the trans-atlantic flight talking.

Once they make it to London, Penelope fully expects to never see him again, only for Ryan to ask her if he can tag along to the pub with her and Rich, since the price to switch their seats was a pint of something. The next couple of days in London are a whirlwind and Penelope almost cannot believe what is happening to her. Before she leaves to meet up with Callie, Ryan makes sure that she knows he’d like to keep talking to her.

Callie and Penelope have a lot of fun and enjoy catching up with one another while they are together. On the final day of their trip, they are both surprised by Ryan showing up to whisk Penelope off to LA instead of home like she’d planned. She attends Ryan’s newest movie premiere as his date before he surprises her further by taking her to visit her best friend Bailey Stills-Parker, who has been trying to convince Penelope to make the six hour drive down to her place in Illinois for an end of summer party. Penelope had previously refused and was looking forward to seeing her friend at Thanksgiving instead.

While Penelope is thrilled to finally meet Bailey’s new boyfriend, Asher Jameson, she isn’t as thrilled by the attention from Reid Walker, Asher’s self proclaimed brother. It isn’t until she figures out that Bailey is dating a vampire that everything starts to make sense. Instead of being afraid, like she knows she should be, she’s intrigued. The party helps Penelope reconnect with old friends, and brings new people into her life that she wouldn’t have ever met if she hadn’t. She didn’t know that her and Ryan had walked into a war, and when she finds out, she tries desperately to keep it from the people she loves.

Back home in Michigan, with Ryan gone back to work, and her internship started, she finds out just how much of an impact the last two weeks have really had on her life. With the sudden addition of Reid playing babysitter and watchdog, she isn’t sure her life can get more complicated than it has already become. She isn’t prepared for how much things will change, or how desperately she feels pulled to leave her home and go back to Illinois and the comfort of her friends. She doesn’t know what to do with the new feelings of loneliness in her apartment and life that weren’t there before she’d gotten on a plane.

Through the ups and downs that happen, Penelope tries to stay the same upbeat, optimistic person that everyone knows, but struggles with bouts of depression and the still semi-fresh grief of losing her brother. Especially when she has finally reunited with her brother’s best friend and pseudo older brother, Mike Parker. Between the start of the story, and the end of this one, she finds love and loses it. She accepts the new changes in her life, and her ever expanding knowledge of the Arkane world, that seems to operate quite successfully within our own.

So that’s all I can tell you about Penelope right now. This story is honestly about all of the things life can throw at you in a year and how she copes with them. It’s not gonna always be happy or sad, and throw some Arkane elements in there, a war, and Vampire politics that she really doesn’t understand, and it makes an already complicated life even more complicated.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little snippit into Penelope’s life. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away and I’d be happy to answer anything! If you haven’t already, make sure you get over to the insta and check out the contest to win exclusive Noctivagus merch! All you have to do is tell me your favorite book quote and follow the page to be entered! Talk to you guys later!

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