About Amber Marie

Amber Marie is a true Michigander with a love of writing paranormal romance. She began writing in high school, but stopped when she joined the Navy. She picked her pen back up after her divorce and is happy to finally be back to her roots, in more ways than one.

When not writing, Amber spends her time with her extensive family, reading books, and creating DIY projects. She spends the warmer months exploring her home state of Michigan where she camps, canoes down the same river every year, and hangs out late around a bonfire.

When not adventuring or writing, she spends most of her time with her six teenage children and trying to convince her cat not to eat her houseplants.

Currently Writing

“Flames & Feathers” is the third book in The Bluebird Chronicles series due out next summer. This book is slated to release September 2023.

Now that the second book has gone off to the Beta’s for the first read through, it’s time to get the third book going. Title is a working title, just so I have something to call it besides Book 3. I’m excited about this one, the second didn’t end the way I had expected, so I’m excited to see what happens now.

Recently Finished

Midnight Shadows was finished at the beginning of June. It was a long fought battle to get this one done, but I’m so glad that it’s finished and I can’t wait to see what the BETA’s have to say about it. I really love this story, and I am super excited about continuing the journey between Reid, Penelope, and all of the other characters. There’s a lot of work still to do before it’s ready to be released next Summer, but that is work I look forward to. I hope you eventually enjoy it as much as I do.

In Editing

Blood Song has gone through a lot of changes since March. Originally it was in third person POV, now it’s been completely re-written into first person POV. That was a challenge, but I made it happen and I’m proud of it. It came out so much better, and so much stronger now. Which, of course due to the feedback I previously got from my BETA readers, it was easier than I thought it would be. It’s currently going through another round of BETA reading, since it’s been rewritten and now we are testing it again. That feedback should be back soon and I am so excited about it. The ideas for the cover have been submitted, and we are waiting for that now too. I’ll keep you posted as changes become available.

In Editing

No Ordinary Love is being self-editing and re-written from a third person POV to a first person POV. There is just something missing from the way it is now and I cannot wait to see if the magic that happened with Blood Song happens with this. I’m also doing a little structural re-formatting. Mason doesn’t currently have much of a voice in this, and I think as every good love story does. Once I get it done, and do another round of self-edits, I’m going to go to the next step with it and decide if I want to self-publish or shop it around. We shall see. This story has so much potential, and I knew that from the first time I wrote it as a sappy, poorly written, fan fiction. Maybe that’s why it’s stuck with me for so many reasons.

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